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Definitive guide for using social media to drive more quality job applications

Social media recruitment


In these volatile times, we have to adapt to changing trends to get the most out of our business. If we want to last and scale in recruiting business we have to get creative and adapt to new trends and always be open to strategic change. In this blog, we are going to cover how to use social media to its full potential to get maximum-quality applications for our job posts. This applies to any small to big organizations and industries mostly in IT sector.

The first step of social media recruitment is to research your audience and define who is your target audience and decide the niche you want to keep your audience engaged with your content. Decide a strategic plan to scale your reach and be consistent to maintain that reach. Meanwhile, keeping track of your growth will help you get clarity on what steps to take and which steps to avoid for overall growth. At the same time, it will help you get most of the targeted results.

Social Media Recruitment

Driving quality applications from social media is a mix of publishing strategic content with planning, listening and observing what is happening around us reflecting positively on that events and posting content that is more relatable and engaging within our target audience to get the most of the quality applications. Creating content for social media and posting that content consistently creates a sense of trust over a period of time in the target audience and the brand image overall in the market which makes the foundation of any organization in long run.

In this section we’ll cover how to use social media to drive more quality applications

  1. As we talked earlier, we have to target our audience and the niche we are hiring for example if we are hiring for a python developer we should follow the most active hash-tags (#) related to python developers and join active python developers communities and groups on social media, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. As per my personal experience, LinkedIn has the fastest response rate and quality candidate presence as compared to other social media platforms.
  2. Get your working team involved in creating content and promoting your working culture in your workspace to attract more quality applications and creatively promote your organization’s culture on all social media platforms.
  3. Don’t just keep your reach limited to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn try to get your hands on Quora communities where developers help each other by answering the questions asked by their peers and other communities such as Reddit, discord, etc. It is always better to have inside exposure to the communities. This will help you to judge your content creation ideas better while posting on social media.
  4. Social media hiring

  5. Help your sourcing recruiter build his social media presence over all social media platforms. Having a sourcing recruiter with a strong social media presence helps a lot in driving quality applications in any organization. Involve your working team in the process, and help your sourcing recruiter by sharing his content and job post in the respective network of every member of your team for extending the maximum reach and quality applications.
  6. While engaging in a conversation with your candidates try to approach them with a personal touch and empathy towards their everyday challenges. It develops some sense of understanding between both parties and builds a scope for business relationships in the long run
  7. To crack the code on how to use social media to drive more quality applications always remember “trend is your friend” always follow the trend and think about how you can shape this trend into your content creation process. To make most of all. Use #(trend) in order to get most of the visibility to your potential applicants.
  8. Optimize your content with regards to the social media channel i.e.
    For example: if you are posting your content on LinkedIn and Twitter strictly keep it professional. As for Instagram and Facebook, you can take an informal approach as the audience on Instagram relate to a more informal approach and like to engage in informal content most of the time.

Tips and reminders for using social media to drive more quality applications

  • Be aware of what is happening in your respective industry.
  • Observe in which time frame you get most of the reach on social media.
  • Plan and schedule your content to post on all channels of social media respectively.
  • Review all the responses you get on all social media channels for future social media posting. It will help you make your process better over time.
  • Keep track of your everyday growth and pending actions. It will boost your productivity by 2x.
  • Follow your peer industry leaders on social media to get insight into your respective industry.


I hope you found this blog useful and that it provided some value and tips on how to use social media to drive more quality applications. If you are looking for any recruitment consulting, please get in touch with us.

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