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Key attributes to look for in employees while hiring

Recruitment tips


Hiring the right resource in today's dynamic work environment and volatile market conditions is a challenge for every organization. In this scenario, a candidate should not only have the necessary qualifications but also be adaptable and flexible to constant innovations and changes. To keep up, he should be a constant learner and update himself regularly.

When hiring new employees, every organization should prioritize various key attributes and ensure that they are aligned with the organization's long-term growth. The following are the most common key attributes to consider while hiring the right candidates.

1. Adaptability

As the name implies, adaptability refers to an employee's ability to grow, involve, and adapt to changes in the work environment and culture. When there are changes in the organizational structure, work processes, and business, adaptability is critical.

Employees will need to learn new skills and change their behavior in order to adapt to the new environment. It is unavoidable that problems and issues will arise in a business. These problems can include a takeover, merger, management change, work culture change, and new management strategies. What makes a difference is how quickly and effectively employees are adapting to these changes.

A perfect example of the unexpected changes in working style can be attributed to the global pandemic. The pandemic forced employees to adapt to new work styles. A team who can adapt fast can make a successful collaboration which leads to business success.

Points to be considered to increase adaptability in the workplace

Collaborative approach

Teambuilding helps in bringing together diversity and differences among employees, which encourages unity and adaptability. This can be done through various team-building activities, social events, and group activities. This helps an employee to adapt to his colleague’s personality and style.

Continuous learning and making the workplace a learning community will help in promoting collaborative culture among employees. This can be done by providing a platform for the employees to share ideas among themselves and learn and help peers learn.

Share and Learn

This practice will help employees to be adaptable. Here the company should create an environment where employees can share their ideas and learn. It should encourage them to engage and participate. When the employees feel that their ideas are valued by the company, they will be more confident to open up with more ideas and values, in turn benefiting other employees and the company.

To encourage this, every company should introduce rewards and recognition to those who participate and contribute. Groups and discussion forums should be made by the management

Select right people

Recruiting the right people who fit the company’s policies and culture, and who are considered adaptable from their past work history, is the stepping stone to creating a highly adaptable workforce.

To attract the right and productive employees, the employer should build the brand by highlighting the growth opportunities and the overall development of the employee for the long run.


The organizations where the employees can connect, communicate and collaborate will be more adaptive and flexible. They are ready to listen and accept others’ views as well as express their opinions and views. This creates a healthy work environment; employees will be supportive and strong relationships are built.

2. Team Player

Candidate selection process

Today’s competitive business environment requires employees who are excellent team players, and who have the skill to make the group productive and thus help in self-growth. A team player is better than a brilliant jerk.

Employers will be greatly seeking an effective team player as a key attribute while looking for employees because they reflect leadership and collaboration.

Ways to Improve Teamwork at the Workplace

  • Developing healthy and effective relationships with different departments and groups within the organization
  • Having an open line of communication within the company
  • Training and coaching other employees
  • Motivating others to achieve goals
  • Showing interest and concern for others’ problems and concerns
  • High interest in meeting people and having an open approach toward them.

3. Self-driven

An ideal employee should have a dream that helps him to stay focused. This attitude will always make him motivated, making him more productive. He will have clarity on his goals and strive to achieve them in a pre-determined time span.

Take excellent care of anyone you hire who is self-motivated! Don't use them just because they're willing to go the extra mile. Create an environment in which they can learn, advance, and self-manage. Show your gratitude, and they will repay you with loyalty.

4. Communication

It is a key attribute considered while hiring. An employee should be very effective in his communication, both verbal and written. He should be confident in expressing his views, ideas, and suggestions, which helps him as an excellent team player and leader.

The employee should be able to express his views, suggestions, and ideas through a language that others clearly understand. Verbal communication is very important when we speak in person or over the telephone. The tone and volume of speech also play a vital role in verbal communication. It is very important when we communicate through e-mail, presentations, letters, reports, or memos. It should be crisp and clear. Also, it is important to note the format, spelling, and grammar.

5. Problem Solver

An ideal employee should be able to analyze situations, facts, and figures and reach solutions without assumptions and emotions. In short, he should be a good critical thinker.

All employers want candidates who can act wisely in a contingent situation and solve the problem by creative analysis and critical thinking.

Problems are bound to happen in every job. Companies value employees who are fast in making decisions. For a problem solver, the employees should be well equipped with information, logic, and intuition. He should be very innovative in his thought process and should keep emotions at bay.

6. Consistency

An important attribute of an employee is consistency. Consistency in performance i.e., meeting deadlines and targets.

Consistency leads to more productivity among employees. Being consistent will benefit the management to trust more and in turn, improves efficiency. Consistency is important for organizations in challenging times. A consistent employee in an organization means dependability, performance, and longevity.

7. Persistency

Persistency is another attribute employers should look at in their employees.

It is the commitment to achieve ‘whatever it may be. They continuously work towards their target despite challenges and hardships.

Persistency keeps on pushing the limit until we get the desired result. A persistent employee will keep on working towards goals even if any barriers come in between. A persistent employee will be liked by the organization because he brings stability and trust to the company.

From an employee’s perspective, persistence helps him achieve his desired professional and personal goals. Persistence can be achieved only through habits and discipline.

8. Integrity

Important attribute is work ethics and honesty. This helps in building a trust factor with the employer as well as within the company.

Integrity in work results in happy employers and happy employees. Integrity is more than honesty. It is an attitude where employees feel the organization is their own and will be self-driven to achieve the goals.

Integrity is important for long-lasting growth. It creates an open and positive environment, thus building strong teams.


These are the main key attributes that every companies should look for in employees while hiring. Still every organization should prioritize various key attributes when hiring new employees and ensure that they are aligned with the organization's long-term growth. Excellent communication is one of the most important qualities to look for in a job candidate. To provide excellent customer service and interact with their teams, candidates must be able to communicate effectively via email and phone.

Look for the ability to communicate verbally with people both inside and outside the organization. Look for the candidate's ability to work in a team structure if they will be working with a team. Look for indications that the candidate can solve problems and find solutions that can be applied to their future job role in your company. If you require any type of recruitment consultation, please contact us. Kindly check our services for more information.

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